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Anyone can play music.
The notion that one must have “natural talent” to play an instrument simply isn’t true. All it takes is a love of music, commitment to practice, and most importantly, proper instruction. As an experienced teacher, with thousands of lessons under my belt, I am able to guide youth and adult players to a skill level that is both personally fulfilling and scholastically enriched.

My qualifications:

· Bachelor of Science from the University of Michigan School of Music
· Years of teaching experience, and formerly of the esteemed AAMC
· Adept at all styles of music—rock, blues, jazz, ska, metal, folk or indie
· Experience working with children and adults with special needs

My promise:

Working together as teacher and student, we will develop an individualized lesson plan that addresses your specific goals and needs. Need more convincing? Want references? I’d love to answer all of your questions!

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Call or email me at:
Stephan Wunderlich

10660 Wilkins Ave, Los Angeles CA, 90024



I offer lessons both in studio and via webcam! (ichat or skype)